Coleman, Alberta, was a mining town.

Of the Poles who arrived in Coleman, many found work in the mines and the branch was established in 1950. Although initially a large branch, it suffered a fate similar to many other branches and by 1957 the membership  had dwindled to just 10 members.

The branch, however, refused to disband and hung on, slowly increasing membership to 27 by 1968. The Polish Mutual Aid Society, formed in the 1920s, also suffered a lack of membership at this time and decided to disband and pass the ownership of the Polish Hall to the branch.

The branch suffered a painful loss when Mr. J. Moscianica, to whom it owed its survival through his perseverance and determination, died in a mining accident on January 25, 1970.

The branch was active through the 1970s but this slowed down in the following decade until 1987 when, down to 16 members, the ever present optimism began to fade. Its members worked in extremely harsh conditions in the local mines and were tired from 11 hour days. The branch disbanded within a few years.