The small Polish community in Victoria, British Columbia, was organized around the "Bialy Orzel" Association which owned the Polish Centre where, since 1934, community events were held. In 1985, a retired combatant from Toronto, Mr. Kazimierz Klimaszewski, established Branch # 29 to serve the needs of the former soldiers.Over the years both organizations worked closely together.

Branch # 29 grew to 40 members by 1987.

The branch colours have a unique history. They were embroidered by nuns in Poland according to a design they received from Mr. Chmiel. Getting the standard out of Poland was not a simple matter as the communist Polish government checked visitors exiting the country. The colours were smuggled out by Mr. Klimaszewski in a folded tent. However, the emblem in the shape of the Polish eagle wearing the royal crown presented a problem at customs. The White Eagle with royal crown had been banned by the communist government and its possession and use was punishable by law. Eventually, Mr. Klimaszewski convinced the customs officers that it belonged to his brother, now deceased, and was meant to be used as a paper weight.