By the end of the 1940s, a large number of Polish ex-servicemen finished their contract work in the Guelph area. Although they were thinking of establishing a branch of the Association, this did not happen for a considerable period of time. One of the reasons was the presence of Group # 11 of the Polish Alliance of Canada.It was a very active group and its members established good relations with the veterans, of whom many joined Group # 11.

With time, however, it became apparent that there were considerable ideological differences between the combatants and members of the Alliance; most notably their attitude towards the communist government in Poland. Consequently, most of the combatants left Group # 11 to establish a branch of the Combatants' Association.

Branch # 25, though small, was to prove to be an important, patriotic and pro-independence organization in Guelph.

The branch folded in 2009. It's standard was donated to the SPK museum at Branch #20, Toronto. Remaining funds were donated to various causes and charities including the Elevator Construction Fund at Branch #20 and the Canadian chapter of the Kresy-Siberia Foundation (for its Virtual Museum project - -).